Love having the latest tablet?

See how to upgrade your tablet early with New Tablet Feeling, when you take up a month-to-month plan and add on a tablet.

How to get that New Tablet Feeling

Add a tablet to a month-to-month plan

Choose a month-to-month plan, add on a new tablet on a 24 or 36 month payment term, and we'll include New Tablet Feeling.

In the final 12 months

In the last 12 months of your payment term, you can upgrade to a new tablet without having to pay out your existing one when you pay a one-off fee of $149 and take up a new 24 or 36 month device repayment on a month-to-month plan.

Return your old tablet

You'll need to return your existing tablet in good working order within 14 days of requesting your upgrade. You can bring it to a Telstra store or arrange to redeem online or over the phone. But before you do, check your tablet’s condition.

Upgrade to a brand new tablet

Once you've agreed to pay the $149 fee, returned your existing tablet in good working order, and purchased a new tablet on a 24 or 36 month payment term with a month-to-month plan, you'll have a brand new tablet to enjoy.

Don't hold back to get the feeling

Want to know more?

See our FAQs to have all your questions about New Tablet Feeling answered.