• Automatically control your lamps, radios and other devices
  • Helps your Smart Home Hub talk to devices at the other end of your house
  • Overvoltage protection to avoid damage to appliances
  • Works with all standard Australian power points and most simple appliances
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One-off charge on your Telstra bill

Smart Power Plug with self installation
$ 48

Smart Power Plug

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Self installation

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$48 one-off charge on your Telstra bill.
Smart Power Plug with professional installation
$ 72

Smart Power Plug

Includes device installation fee

$ 96

Professional installation

Additional fees apply for installing further devices or custom installations. Find out more

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Great news, a Smart Home technician is available in your area. Add additional devices in the next step and have them professionally installed with your order.

We're currently unable to provide Smart Home professional installations in your area. However, you can self-install your Smart Home devices with our over-the-phone specialist support. Or, get a local electrician to help you.

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Smart Power Plugs

Automatically control your lamps, radios and other devices. Watch the video to see how it works.


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Set up and overview

Using the App and Web Portal


Forgot to switch off the kettle? Don’t panic

Kate’s Monday morning rush can be a little stressful. Between lunchbox packing and negotiating who’s on after-school pickup duty, Kate often rushes out the door without checking that the iron’s switched off. By connecting her iron to a Smart Power Plug, Kate can check it’s turned off via the Telstra Smart Home app – and she if hasn’t, she can switch it off instantly – even when she’s at work.

Bring your smart home to life

The key to having a smart home is creating automations. An automation is an instruction that tells a smart home device what to do and when to do it  It's easy to set up automations in the Telstra Smart Home app or Web Portal. For example,

  • Automatically switch off the iron, hair straightener, kettle or lamp when everyone goes to work or school
  • Forgotten to switch something off? Check it via the app or web portal and switch it off, even when you’re away
  • Automate your simple appliances to turn on or off when your family and friends walk in or leave a room with a Narrow Beam Motion Sensor, Wide Beam Motion Sensor, or Door or Window Sensor


Download the app

Smart Home app available in App Store
Smart Home app available in Google Play

Professional installation of a device

  • The professional installation of additional smart home devices incurs a call out fee of $96, plus additional charges for each device.
  • The professional installation includes the pairing of devices, basic placement of devices around your home (not mounting a device on the wall or ceiling), demonstration on how to use Telstra Smart Home and the Telstra Smart Home app and setting up automations.
  • Customised installations including cabling runs, cable concealment and wall or ceiling mounting of cameras. The additional charges for a customised installation will be quoted by the technician when on-site.


Easy installation. Add it to your Telstra Smart Home via the app, plug in and they’re ready to go.

We recommend installation within 20m of the Smart Home Hub.

To organise a Telstra Smart Home technical expert to come to your place to get you up and running, please call us on 13 22 00 and select Option 1.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 89 mm
  • Device Weight: 95g
  • Communications: via ZigBee 


Works with all Australian power outlets and simple appliances, like kettles, irons, hair straighteners – even power boards to control power to multiple appliances.

The Telstra Smart Home app works on Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

See a full list of technical requirements and device compatibility.

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