nbn plans and nbn bundles

nbn plans and nbn bundles

Kids home too? Get Wi-Fi speed that matches their reflexes.

Experience better home Wi-Fi. Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Modem. Included in our nbn plans and entertainment bundles.

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For new customers who stay connected for 24 months .

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No $99
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When you buy online.


Changing plans is easy

With no lock in contracts you can change your plan up to once a month. Just pick a plan and we’ll switch you over.


Personalise your plan with

Build the perfect internet plan for your household with entertainment add ons like Telstra TV, Xbox All Access and Foxtel Now.


Smart Modem

Connects straight out of the box. And switches to 4G if needed to help keep you connected. More

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Min costs below apply when you stay connected to internet for 24 months,  subject to month to month plan price changes.


Delays to some order deliveries

Due to an issue with our delivery partner Toll and ongoing COVID-19 impacts, we’re experiencing delivery delays on some orders and some delays when transferring home phone services to or from another service provider. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Try all of Foxtel Now
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For new and returning Foxtel Now customers. Exclusive to Telstra consumer post-paid customers. Offer ends 30 June 2020.

Must sign up via Telstra. Requires internet & compatible device. Roll onto Essentials pack ($25/mth).

Get the Foxtel Now offer

Tips and tools to make working from home easier

Find out how to extend your Wi-Fi coverage so you can work from home, even when everyone's home.

Boost your home Wi-Fi


More about connecting
to the nbn

nbn rollout map

Want to find out where the nbn network has rolled out, and when it’s coming to you? Simply type your address into our interactive nbn rollout map. We update the rollout information weekly.

What is the nbn network?

The nbn network is the Australian government’s high-capacity broadband network. It uses a range of technologies to bring fast internet and high quality streaming to your home. The nbn network will replace ADSL and cable broadband almost everywhere in Australia. 


What nbn connection type will I get?

Where you live determines which type of technology nbn co uses to connect you to the nbn network. The type of technology - whether you get Fibre to the Curb, Fibre to the Building or one of the other types - also determines what your maximum internet speed will be.

Learn about the different nbn connection types and speeds.

Can I connect the modem myself?

Yes! We’ll send you all the installation info you need to set up your modem. You can also check out our modem setup guide which gives you the steps for each nbn tech type.

Or we can install your modem for a one-off fee.


Commonly asked questions

Switching to nbn


Once you connect to the nbn network, you won’t be able to access your broadband and voice services through your ADSL/Cable connection. Instead, you’ll access them through your new nbn network connection. And once connected to the nbn network, you won’t be able to move your services back.

It’s also worth noting that when you request for your broadband and voice services be moved to the nbn network, you’re giving consent to the installation of services on the nbn network on behalf of all account holders at your premises.


  1. If the nbn isn’t already at your address, once you place an order with us we’ll help you arrange an nbn installation appointment. This is so an nbn co technician can connect the nbn to your address.
  2. If you’re a new customer you’ll receive a new Telstra Smart Modem. If you’re already with us, we’ll check your existing modem and if it isn’t compatible with the nbn, we’ll send you the new smart modem.
  3. You can install the Telstra Smart Modem yourself using the easy self-install kit included. Or get our tech experts to help you for a one-off fee.
  4. Jump on the nbn and go!



So an nbn co technician can come to your address and connect you to the nbn network. Once the external connection gear is live, we’ll be able to deliver fast, reliable nbn into your home or office.

NOTE: If you already have an active nbn connection, you probably won’t need a technician to visit. We’ll work this out once you place your order.



If you order your nbn plan online with us we’ll waive the $99 connection fee.

  • Self install your modem for $0
    We’ll send you a new modem if you need it, with easy instructions to install it yourself.
  • Professional install
    You can get your modem and gear connected by a Telstra professional technician for a one-off fee of $240.
  • Additional costs apply for non-standard installations if you have complex cabling requirements.


Once you switch to the nbn?, your phone will run via the internet. This means you can only have one phone line and it must be connected to your modem.



Ask your alarm provider if it’s compatible with the nbn?network. If not, ask about alternatives. Do this before you switch to the nbn network, or your alarm may not work.

Make sure you register with the nbn co's Medical Alarm Register



Yes, just purchase a new Telstra nbn plan and we’ll switch you over to the nbn easily.

You’ll then be able to change plans up to once a month or cancel anytime. Simply pay out your modem if you leave before 24 months.




No. You can buy one from Telstra.

If you just want a home phone line, you can buy a phone-line-only plan



We install your modem for you at no cost if you’re an eligible Priority assist customer.

Speed & data


nbn tier 25

On our $75 500GB plan you can expect:

20Mbps typical evening speed between 7pm and 11pm

(Standard Evening speed nbn 25)

Download – 20Mbps 

Upload – 4Mpbs

With a Fixed Wireless connection, nbn tier 25 (Standard Plus Evening speed) will give you typical evening speeds of 2-22Mbps. Around 50% of customers achieve download speeds greater than 10Mbps.

Nbn tier 50

On our $90 Unlimited plan you can expect:

44Mbps typical evening speed between 7pm and 11pm

(Standard Evening Plus nbn 50)

Download – 44Mbps

Upload – 15Mpbs

With a Fixed Wireless connection, nbn tier 50 (Standard Plus Evening speed) will give you typical evening speeds of 2-42Mbps. Around 50% of customers achieve download speeds greater than 20Mbps.

Nbn tier 100

On Telstra $110 Premium Internet Plan:

88Mbps typical evening speed between 7pm and 11pm

(Premium Evening speed nbn 100)

Download – 88Mbps

Upload* – 20Mpbs

*You may experience faster upload speeds (up to 40Mbps) for an initial period of time which is currently expected to end in May 2020.


All speeds are indicative only. Speeds experienced may be lower due to various factors including your location, in-home internet setup and wiring.

We will test your line speeds 21 days after connection for the maximum speed available.


Smart modem


It depends on your current modem. We check if your current modem is compatible with the nbn network and if it is, we’ll send you a free conversion kit to connect that modem to the nbn network.

If your modem is NOT compatible, we’ll send you a new Telstra Smart modem. The cost is included if you stay connected with us for 24 months

Want to upgrade your modem? You can buy a new one outright for $216, or via our 24-month repayment option.



Yes, it works on all three technology types. If your area switches from ADSL or cable to nbn, we’ll send you a conversion kit so you can use your modem on the nbn.



No, but if you cancel within 24 months you’ll need to pay out the remaining amount.


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