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Whether you’re wanting to acquire, distribute, manage or monetise your content, we can help you deliver the experience your viewers want, around the world.

Take your content global with Telstra

As the chosen partner for some of the world’s leading broadcasters, we deliver millions of hours of content a year to viewers all over the world – including real-time, low latency video supporting multiple formats, across our purpose built digital media networks.

Our fully-managed Broadcast Operations Centre takes care of 155 permanent global TV and radio services with more than three million hours of content each year. We redistribute content through a direct-to-home platform that’s flexible, scalable and reliable, across one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world. We also provide online and live streaming services.

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Reach more viewers on a trusted global network

With Telstra you can quickly and conveniently transmit content globally, on multiple devices and platforms, gain deep insights into viewer behavior, while monitoring and managing along the way.

Across a network reliable in more places, you can distribute, manage, analyse or monetise your content with our innovative professional media solutions, delivered by our expert media specialists, Telstra Broadcast Services.

Why partner with Telstra for professional media services?


Our worldwide broadcast expertise

Globally we offer deep knowledge and experience across all aspects of media delivery, providing specialised services for top broadcasters and content creators.


Flexible and scalable solutions

With our dynamic approach, solutions and services are created and managed to suit your individual needs, using a broad mix of technologies.


Truly global reach

Designed for mission and time-critical broadcasts, you can leverage our global partnerships and international presence, global network footprint and our rapidly deployable field force.


Network reliability in more places

We operate one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world including licences in Asia, Europe and the Americas, facilitating access in 230 countries and territories across the globe.


Unlock the opportunity

Online Video

If content is your business, we can help you get it to more screens and measure engagement to maximise return on investment.


Media Networks

Our purpose built digital media networks can transport volumes of high-quality content between sites, partners, and to your audience.


Broadcast Services

Customised solutions for the delivery, management and monitoring of media content.


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