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Unleash new possibilities for your business

Faster speeds. Lower latency. Greater capacity. This is what 5G brings - and how it will enable your business to discover, create, and explore more possibilities than ever before.

Combined with the evolving technologies of software-defined networking, IoT, and cloud computing, 5G can take your business straight into the future.

The potential of 5G

10x Speed

5G isn’t just faster than 4G – it will be 10x faster. Imagine the dramatic effects this could have on application performance or the immersive experiences you could deliver.

1/30th Latency

Faster responses will power technologies where milliseconds count. Think 1 – 6ms on 5G vs 30ms on 4G.

10x Scale

With new device technologies and network architectures, 5G could overcome the congestion issues in a future world of millions of connected devices per km2.

25x Spectrum

Spectrum technologies like small cells and beam forming help deliver more reliable coverage than ever.

10x Capacity

New transmission technologies means the ability to reach more people, more devices, more intelligently.

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What will 5G enable?

The combined core features of 5G will deliver far more revolutionary possibilities and market opportunities for your business in the future.

Enhanced mobile broadband

Telstra 5G

Massive machine-to-machine comms
Ultra-reliability and Low Latency
Enhanced mobile broadband
Massive machine-to-machine comms
Ultra-reliability and Low Latency

At the forefront of rolling out 5G

First-mover advantage

Our strong investment is providing first-mover advantage

We’re bringing forward $500 million of capex from the second half of FY21 into calendar year 2020. This capital will be deployed to increase capacity in our network, including further accelerating the roll out of 5G and injecting much needed investment into the economy at this time.

Growing our footprint

Growing our 5G footprint

32 cities now having 5G coverage in selected areas 5G footprint will extend to cover more cities, selected regional areas and traffic hotspots.

We currently have six 5G devices for our customers and Coverage is now available in more than 430 suburbs across Australia and around 660 terabytes have already been downloaded over 5G on compatible devices – that’s equivalent to around 1 million standard-definition movies.

Backhaul and speeds

Upgrades to backhaul and speeds

The roll-out is having an immediate customer impact. With upgrades to backhaul, speeds for 4G customers in 5G areas will benefit immediately.

Unrivalled speeds

Our speeds are unrivalled

Since launching in May we can see from Speed test analytics that 5G customers in 5G areas are receiving? ?twice the speed of a 4G service in that same location. We can also see that our average 5G speeds are faster than our competitors average 5G speeds - in some areas, our 4G peak speeds are greater than our competitors’ 5G speeds.

*Ookla coverage Mbps

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What’s the latest on 5G?

Bringing you the next wave of 5G early

As part of our commitment to bring leading-edge technologies to our customers, we’ve been continuously working on our 5G roll-out so you can have first-mover advantage in a fast-moving world.

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Taylor: Preparing for a 5G future

To prepare for a 5G future, we helped Taylor define a simpler, better solution to manage multiple 4G and fixed line connectivity devices. The result? Lower overhead costs, simplified IT support, and a 5G-ready organisation.

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5G collaboration sharpens CommBank’s competitive edge

Leveraging the high speed, high capacity, and low latency capabilities of 5G, we explored and trialled the development of edge computing to enable a range of use cases for CommBank

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‘5G Trailblazer’ – World Communications Awards


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